We met Andreea Birsan, the uber stylish founder of, to have a deeper view on the world of a successful fashion blogger and get first hand tips about style, bags and much more.

Tell us what made you take the decision to start your blog.

I was not happy with my desk job, felt like it was dragging me down so one day I quit it and decided to open my own creative outlet. In fact, I wanted a blog for years, but I could never find the right time to start it, so quitting my job made me do it. 

What’s the most rewarding and the most challenging aspect of being a fashion blogger?

My heart fills with joy when I see people genuinely love my work. It’s great finding out they make use of the tips and tricks I share on the blog and on Instagram. But as much as I love receiving their support, I also enjoy returning it, so whenever I can, I check out my followers Instagram profiles and drop a few likes and comments on their photos. You know, it’s all in the small things.

As for the challenging aspect, it’s a saturated market and it’s hard keeping up with all the trends and rising stars. I’m constantly looking for interesting backdrops, new ways to step up my photos, fresh outfits, poses etc.

What piece of advice could you give to someone who is about to start her/his own blog?

Just go for it! There’s no better time than now.

What’s the best compliment you got from a follower?

This is a hard one, lol. I constantly receive DMs on Instagram, emails, comments on the blog and so, but the most touching one was from a girl who followed me from the very beginning. She told me how proud she was of the person I am today, how much she appreciated my work and my unique style and also mentioned she turned on post notifications so she would never miss any of my posts. Another girl told me I inspired her to pursue her dreams and start her blogging career.

How would you define your style?

Edgy with many pops of red.

Who is your style icon?

Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham.

What are your daily essentials in your bag?

Phone, credit cards, red lipstick, chewing gum, deodorant, sunglasses, hand cream and a small notebook.

And when you travel?

My essentials are quite minimal, I don’t like carrying the entire house with me, but when I’m traveling I also grab earphones, external battery, lip balm and camera.

What would you throw in your bag if your house caught fire?

Stuff that wouldn’t fit *laughs*. The items I can’t live without: laptop, camera, phone and cards so I could get some coffee lol.

Your tip to perfectly style a colorful bag.

Play it minimal, wear an all white outfit and let your bag shine, or mix it with different colors. For example, if your bag is red, you can play with some pink hues, greens or why not yellows.

What’s the aspect a bag should never lack to convince you to buy?

I am REALLY picky when it comes to bags. Looking for something unique, but also timeless and yes, size matters. I’m usually buying small bags or medium sized ones. You’ll see me wearing a big tote just when I have to carry my laptop with me.

If you could only have one bag in your closet, which would it be? A mini bag, a satchel bag, a tote bag or a bucket bag?

Definitely a mini bag.

What’s the most stupid thing you ever did in your life?

Did so many, it’s really hard to pick one only, haha. Been nasty and sometimes I didn’t think of the consequences of my actions, but you know, we learn from our mistakes.  From leaving roses on my crush’s car to getting lost in foreign countries with no battery, can name them all, lol  

Do you regret it or would you do it again?

Not really. All those silly things helped me learn and become the person I am today.


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