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Isla Fontaine is a unique brand that combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with contemporary design and sophisticated glamour,  for accessories of impeccable quality and an iconic modern aesthetic. Isla Fontaine’s sensibility mixes influences of Art Deco and Contemporary Art, offering ‘future classics’ with signature motifs such as pure lines and a kaleidoscope of colours, along with eye catching details that inspire every woman’s unique style. The brand ethos is Live in Lightness, conveying a sense of freedom, joy and happiness in those who enjoy our accessories. Each piece is designed with this vision, while always pushing boundaries and maintaining the passion for originality.

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Every woman needs that gorgeous jewelry piece that goes with everything and a beautiful handbag in which to carry her world. Often quality jewelry and handbags can exceed one’s monthly salary. At Isla Fontaine Venezia, we believe that everyone should have a designer jewel or bag at an affordable price. That’s why we make accessories that have the same level of design and commitment to quality as luxury brands but at a more accessible price.

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We started out in 2012 with a jewelry line and in a very short time, we gained attention from press and buyers. We are now sold through stores and online in 3 continents. In 2016 we also launched our first handbag collection in order to extend our vision to another kind of product and to make of Isla Fontaine a broader accessories brand.

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